Lucerne's top chefs will spoil you

Simon Tanner, Oscar de Matos & Marcel Gerber

For the latest edition of the popular culinary series "Gastkoch", two familiar faces could be won with Simon Tanner and Oscar de Matos. Two alumni enrich the kitchen crew and spoil you together with Marcel Gerber with local culinary art.


Their stylishly tattooed forearms and their look, which resembles that of a rock band frontman, are not the only things that connect the two. For the two men, working in the kitchen of the Hotel Schweizerhof Lucerne is not a new experience, but rather a return. De Matos and Tanner both worked as cooks at the Festival Hotel when they were young, the latter even completing his culinary apprenticeship here. For many chefs, the Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern is neither the end of the line nor the culmination of their creative work. Some of them move on and build their own successful businesses. With Simon Tanner and Oscar de Matos, Lucerne has two more prime examples who prove that with a lot of effort and love for the job, you can make it from local insider tip to national GaultMillau Trend Guide or Michelin Rising Star of the Year.

Whoever thinks that too many cooks spoil the broth is very much mistaken in our case! Oscar de Matos, Simon Tanner and Marcel Gerber, the in-house executive chef and member of the management team, serve a joint menu to which each contributes a completely original creation, while at the same time all working together. A combination that promises a unique experience for the eyes and the palate.

From 16th May 2022 the guest chef menu of the Lucerne Chef Trio can be found on the menu of the Galerie and Pavillon restaurants until July 31, 2022. 


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The Guest chef Menu

Guest chef menu


Menu complete (16 May to 31 July 2022)
CHF 115.00