Absolute well-being

Our expert massage therapists know all the right techniques and moves to relax your tense muscles. Go on a sensual trip around the world with our exotic massages: how about a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, an Indian ayurvedic full-body treatment or a Balinese hot-stone massage? Or experience Swiss chocolate in all its glory - a full-body exfoliating treatment with coffee and coconut milk, followed by a full-body massage with chocolate balm.



A shoulder, neck and lumbar massage tailored to your specific needs. Your muscles and joints are massaged using different hold techniques. The circulation of the blood is stimulated while toxins are removed, primarily through the blood and lymphatic system.

30 min - CHF 75.00
45 min - CHF 110.00

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Absolute relaxation from head to toe. The beneficial effects of contact and aromas are combined with holistic massage techniques. The muscles will calm leaving you feeling relaxed and rested.

60 min - CHF 140.00
90 min - CHF 190.00

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The body is reflected on the soles of our feet in the form of pressure points. The application of pressure in exactly the right place combined with circular movements will gently activate your internal healing powers to encourage general good health.

45 min - CHF 90.00

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Enjoy a powerful and invigorating full body massage that will aid your physical and mental recuperation, focussing on your tense, deep-set muscles and tailored to your individual needs. Highly recommended for athletes and hikers, especially after long walks

60 min - CHF 150.00

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«A lengthy oil massage with loving hands». The benefits of this ancient form of massage are deep relaxation, tranquillity, a sense of security and the rejuvenation of skin tissue. Abhyanga not only aids the removal of toxins, but also deep cleansing and moisturisation.

1 h 30 min - CHF 230.00

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A traditional Hawaiian full body massage offering a unique feeling of comfort. Lomi Lomi Nui is the wave which gently carries your body, pleasantly pushes it and continually spreads over it in complete harmony. It helps to relieve stress and release tension while conveying a feeling of security. Body energies are balanced while your inner healing powers are stimulated.

1 h 30 min - CHF 200.00

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The fascinating combination of the primal force of the Basaltstone, the calming of the heat and the touch of the massage is soothing, relaxing and enhances the metabolic processes in the tissues. Get your mind and body back into balance while achieving a revitalizing deep relaxation. You will feel light and vital.

1 h 30 min - CHF 210.00

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Originating in Asia, this heat treatment involves being massaged with high-quality warm herbal oil and hot Alpine herbal pouches. The oils penetrate the deepest layers of your skin, lending it a particular elasticity, stimulating the metabolism and activating your inner healing powers. Stroking the meridians helps your body regain its balance.

1 h 15 min - CHF 210.00

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Immerse yourself in the secrets of Japanese beauty culture. Our Japanese face massage combines in-depth knowledge of traditional East-Asian medicine with Kobido massage techniques, a light peel and natural Muri Shinai products. This deep-penetrating face massage will transform and harmonise your face, neck and body, relaxing and smoothing your facial features. The massage will promote the flow of blocked energy, resulting in a visible reduction in wrinkles and skin rejuvenation.

45 min - CHF 120.00

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Experience an intensely relaxing and sensual dream experience. This symphony of the senses begins with a coffee and coconut milk full body peel and is followed by a gentle full body massage with warm, fragrant chocolate balm made from sweet almond oil, cocoa, shea butter and cocoa butter. This treatment, created exclusively for the Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern, offers an extravagant care experience.

1 h 30 min - CHF 200.00

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