Absolute well-being

Our expert massage therapists know all the right techniques and moves to relax your tense muscles. Go on a sensual trip around the world with our exotic massages: how about a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, an Indian ayurvedic full-body treatment or a Balinese hot-stone massage? Or experience Swiss chocolate in all its glory - a full-body exfoliating treatment with coffee and coconut milk, followed by a full-body massage with chocolate balm.



A shoulder, neck and lumbar massage tailored to your specific needs. Your muscles and joints are massaged using different hold techniques. The circulation of the blood is stimulated while toxins are removed, primarily through the blood and lymphatic system.

30 min - CHF 75.00
45 min - CHF 110.00

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Absolute relaxation from head to toe. The beneficial effects of contact and aromas are combined with holistic massage techniques. The muscles will calm leaving you feeling relaxed and rested.

60 min - CHF 140.00
90 min - CHF 190.00

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The body is reflected on the soles of our feet in the form of pressure points. The application of pressure in exactly the right place combined with circular movements will gently activate your internal healing powers to encourage general good health.

45 min - CHF 90.00

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