Everyone's dream is a flawless skin which can be true with glō∙minerals.
glō∙minerals has a make-up system developed for skin care experts and for their customers. Our award-winning formulas provide covering power, protection against damaging environmental influences and ultraviolet rays. glō∙minerals is free from talc, non comedogenic and the perfect choice for sensitive skin. The make-up is clinical advanced, protects and covers. 


The health of your skin is being defined newly when Dermalogica encounters your skin. Dermalogica is the first choice of experts and consumers when it comes to skin care. We are interested in the fitness of your skin and want to train your skin on a new level. We use harmless additives for the skin. We know that some substances are harmful for the skin that is why we decided to do our treaments without these and use substances which can be fully trusted.


For more than 50 years THALGO has specialized in the research of energetic and maritime cosmetics. The research centre possesses incomparable, scientific expertise. Powerful active substances with regenerative, moisturizing and stimulatory properties are being extracted: for authentic products and treatments.


With our excellent equipment and our dermo-cosmetical products and treatments from REVIDERM we improve your complexion to a new level. Every treatment will be adapted to your skin appearance.