Body treamtents


Experience an intensely relaxing and sensual dream experience. This symphony of the senses begins with a coffee and coconut milk full body peel and is followed by a gentle full body massage with warm, fragrant chocolate balm made from sweet almond oil, cocoa, shea butter and cocoa butter. This treatment, created exclusively for the Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern, offers an extravagant care experience.

1 h 30 min - CHF 200.00

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Take the first step towards your dream figure with an intense firming and smoothing body contouring treatment. A stimulating wrap supplies the skin intensively with oxygen. Then two highly effective, refreshing care concentrates firm the skin and prevent new fat deposits from occurring. The Perfect Sculpt massage firms the silhouette and defines the contours, ensuring the effects are long lasting.

Very recommended treatment for cellulite

45 min - CHF 135.00

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The soothing and nourishing evening primrose oil imbues even dry and stressed skin with a renewed shine. It is particularly suitable for sensitive and mature skin. It counteracts the ageing process of the skin, stimulates new cells and is invigorating, lipid-replenishing and moisturising as well as offering relief from neurodermatitis and other skin problems. Relax during the application time with a neck and head massage.

30 min - CHF 75.00

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Blissful relaxation and activation of the reflex zones begins with a remineralizing sea salt scrub. To relax, you will receive a revitalizing energy flow massage. After this special treatment, your feet will once again feel light and relaxed – the ideal preparation for any massage.

20 min - CHF 35.00


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For anyone seeking intense detoxification, regeneration and vitality. The active ingredients taken from the sea will stimulate your circulation and metabolism. Excess fluids and fat deposits are systematically removed, your well-being sustainably improved and your body revitalised. A foot bath experience, full body peel, algae purification wrap and stimulating tissue massage that loosens adhesions, boosts fat loss and supports your lymph system. With noticeably firmer body contours, you can then enjoy a vitamin drink.

2 h 30 min - CHF 290.00

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With the active ingredients taken from the sea, your metabolism will be stimulated and blood circulation improved. This wrap will purify your body and tighten your skin ensuring a radiant, smooth and fine-pored complexion. Relax during the application time with a neck and head massage.

40 min - CHF 80.00

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This is an absolute must. "Stripping" the old skin away is the ideal preparation for a massage, a sauna or a full body wrap. This is a particularly enjoyable way of removing old, dead skin cells. Your skin will feel noticeably smooth and soft to the touch.

  • Aromatic oil and sea salt peel - invigorating aromas and minerals for a vitalizing feel to the skin
  • Papaya and coconut peel - a gentle peel with a hint of the Caribbean
  • Coffee and coconut peeling – a detoxifying and nourishing peeling

30 min - CHF 65.00

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For problem areas that won’t go away with diet and exercise. Cryolipolysis is a brand-new, non-invasive method. Cold-sensitive fat cells are eliminated as they are cooled under controlled conditions to below 4 degrees Celsius. In the next 3 months, these fat cells are naturally broken down and eliminated from the body. With only one treatment, you can lose up to 30% of your unwanted fat deposits.

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Price depending on zone

  • 1 zone (approx. 1h 15min) CHF 320.00
  • 2 zones (approx. 1h 15min) CHF 429.00
  • 3 zones in a treatment (approx. 2h 15min) CHF 620.00

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