Facial and body treatments

Is your body craving regeneration, vitality and detoxification? Experience the soothing effects of our whole-body exfoliating treatments, nourishing body treatments and detox packages. For our restorative, rejuvenating facial treatments, our spa experts work with highly effective products by glō∙minerals, THALGO, REVIDERM and Dermalogica. We will find the perfect mixture for your skin type.

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Due to a change in concept, our massage offer will be temporarily reserved for our hotel guests from 1 October 2020. Also treatments and product sale are not available until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Our offer from 1st October you find here.


Body treamtents


Experience an intensely relaxing and sensual dream experience. This symphony of the senses begins with a coffee and coconut milk full body peel and is followed by a gentle full body massage with warm, fragrant chocolate balm made from sweet almond oil, cocoa, shea butter and cocoa butter. This treatment, created exclusively for the Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern, offers an extravagant care experience.

1 h 30 min - CHF 200.00

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Take the first step towards your dream figure with an intense firming and smoothing body contouring treatment. A stimulating wrap supplies the skin intensively with oxygen. Then two highly effective, refreshing care concentrates firm the skin and prevent new fat deposits from occurring. The Perfect Sculpt massage firms the silhouette and defines the contours, ensuring the effects are long lasting.

Very recommended treatment for cellulite

45 min - CHF 135.00

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The soothing and nourishing evening primrose oil imbues even dry and stressed skin with a renewed shine. It is particularly suitable for sensitive and mature skin. It counteracts the ageing process of the skin, stimulates new cells and is invigorating, lipid-replenishing and moisturising as well as offering relief from neurodermatitis and other skin problems. Relax during the application time with a neck and head massage.

30 min - CHF 75.00

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Blissful relaxation and activation of the reflex zones begins with a remineralizing sea salt scrub. To relax, you will receive a revitalizing energy flow massage. After this special treatment, your feet will once again feel light and relaxed – the ideal preparation for any massage.

20 min - CHF 35.00


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For anyone seeking intense detoxification, regeneration and vitality. The active ingredients taken from the sea will stimulate your circulation and metabolism. Excess fluids and fat deposits are systematically removed, your well-being sustainably improved and your body revitalised. A foot bath experience, full body peel, algae purification wrap and stimulating tissue massage that loosens adhesions, boosts fat loss and supports your lymph system. With noticeably firmer body contours, you can then enjoy a vitamin drink.

2 h 30 min - CHF 290.00

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With the active ingredients taken from the sea, your metabolism will be stimulated and blood circulation improved. This wrap will purify your body and tighten your skin ensuring a radiant, smooth and fine-pored complexion. Relax during the application time with a neck and head massage.

40 min - CHF 80.00

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This is an absolute must. "Stripping" the old skin away is the ideal preparation for a massage, a sauna or a full body wrap. This is a particularly enjoyable way of removing old, dead skin cells. Your skin will feel noticeably smooth and soft to the touch.

  • Aromatic oil and sea salt peel - invigorating aromas and minerals for a vitalizing feel to the skin
  • Papaya and coconut peel - a gentle peel with a hint of the Caribbean
  • Coffee and coconut peeling – a detoxifying and nourishing peeling

30 min - CHF 65.00

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For problem areas that won’t go away with diet and exercise. Cryolipolysis is a brand-new, non-invasive method. Cold-sensitive fat cells are eliminated as they are cooled under controlled conditions to below 4 degrees Celsius. In the next 3 months, these fat cells are naturally broken down and eliminated from the body. With only one treatment, you can lose up to 30% of your unwanted fat deposits.

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Price depending on zone

  • 1 zone (approx. 1h 15min) CHF 320.00
  • 2 zones (approx. 1h 15min) CHF 429.00
  • 3 zones in a treatment (approx. 2h 15min) CHF 620.00

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Facial treatments


Smoothing face care with comprehensive skin cleansing with peeling, removal of skin imperfections, concentrated active ingredients, soothing cleansing mask and final harmonising skin cream, giving your skin the necessary work-life balance for healthy, fresh radiance.

60 min - CHF 140.00

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This Reviderm facial treatment will optimally refresh and rejuvenate all skin types. The uppermost layers of dry skin are gently removed. Ultrasound will give your skin long-lasting elasticity and firmness, while the subsequent Hydrolage will ensure thorough hydration. A treatment with huge instant and long-term benefits.

120 min - CHF 265.00

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The most effective method for obtaining smoother and fresher skin in an instant. The top layers of skin are gently removed while rough skin, enlarged pores and acne scars are abraded and smoothed. Pigmented moles and small wrinkles can also be diminished while the formation of new skin cells is stimulated.

60 min - CHF 180.00

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Immerse yourself in the secrets of Japanese beauty culture. Our Japanese face massage combines in-depth knowledge of traditional East-Asian medicine with Kobido massage techniques, a light peel and natural Muri Shinai products. This deep-penetrating face massage will transform and harmonise your face, neck and body, relaxing and smoothing your facial features. The massage will promote the flow of blocked energy, resulting in a visible reduction in wrinkles and skin rejuvenation.

45 min - CHF 120.00

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Exceptional anti-aging treatment for your face, neck and neckline, including skin-cleansing, peeling, eyebrow correction, regenerating concentrated active ingredients, relaxing face-, neck- and neckline-massage, face mask and finishing skin cream. Gentle yet deep-penetrating active ingredients guarantee relaxed features and a noticeably firmer, smoother and more radiant complexion. You can also ask for a light day make-up.

1 h 45 min - CHF 210.00

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A personalised care package for face, neck and décolleté tailored to satisfy your current skin require-ments. It includes skin cleansing, face steaming, peeling, removal of skin imperfections, concentrated active ingredients, massage, face mask and final skin cream. Your complexion will be more radiant, your skin tighter and your facial features fresh and relaxed. You can also ask for a light day make-up.

1 h 30 min - CHF 165.00

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in your face care

Intensive active ingredients + CHF 10.00
Special effects mask + CHF 20.00
Anti-Age eye mask + CHF 20.00
High-frequency treatment + CHF 20.00
Ultrasound session + CHF 25.00


Our qualified beauticians have everything you need to feel beautiful inside and out. On top of colouring and correcting eyelashes and eyebrows, we specialise in lash extensions and lifts. Our cosmetics experts will be happy to apply light daytime make-up, prepare you for your wedding day (trial appointment included) or show you how to master the art of beautiful make-up yourself, step by step. We offer professional hair removal methods from waxing to sugaring, and our manicures and pedicures are available with gel nail polish.


Make-up does not always have to be for a special occasion. On the contrary - a fresh, natural and well-groomed appearance and a radiant complexion give you a daily boost and always leave a perfect impression. Emphasise your natural beauty and highlight your own, individual charisma.

30 min - CHF 65.00

Appointment Request


An exceptional wedding dress should be showcased with make-up which is a little out of the ordinary. Very few women are used to wear such a light and elegant dress. And a bride's make-up should be just as light and subtle while nevertheless emphasising the beauty of the bride. We will set a rehearsal date to test all the details for your big day in a relaxed atmosphere.

2x60 min - CHF 190.00

Appointment Request


For a resplendent glamour effect, your make-up must be stylish and expressive. Dimmed lighting and shadows offer the chance to make artful use of colours. We ensure that you make a perfect entrance, just as you imagined it.

45 min - CHF 85.00

Appointment Request


With our make-up advice, we reveal the very best tips from the experts. Step by step, you will learn how to conjure up a perfect complexion, how to define the contours of your face, how to set a new tone using blusher, how to emphasise the expressiveness of your eyes and how to give your mouth the perfect shape. Naturally, a final full make-up session tailored to your wishes is included in the price. In addition, you will receive a 20% discount on the official retail price of our make-up products

60 min - CHF 115.00

Appointment Request


An eyelash wave is a way of altering the shape of your eyelashes. Whether you have short or long lashes, an eyelash wave can give you beautiful, expressive eyes. The wave will last until your eyelashes replace themselves (6 to 8 weeks). For an even bolder effect, we recommend dying your eyelashes.

45 min - CHF 75.00

Add. eyebrow colouring
+ 15 min - CHF 25.00

Appointment Request


To intensify your natural radiance, an eyebrow correction is very important as it brings harmony to your face and "tidies it up". A small treatment with a big effect. Prices vary according to expense.

Eyebrow Correction from ab CHF 25.00
Eyebrow Correction as part of the treatment from ab CHF 15.00

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If the eyes are the window to the soul, then you should make them look impressive. By dyeing your eyelashes and eyebrows, you give your face colour even when you are not wearing make-up and this without much effort. This simple and short cosmetic treatment sets the tone and emphasises your face's natural features.

Eyelash colouring CHF 35.00
Eyelash colouring as part of the treatment CHF 25.00
Eyebrow colouring CHF 25.00
Eyebrow colouring as part of the treatment CHF 15.00
Eyelash and eyebrow colouring CHF 51.00
Eyelash and eyebrow colouring as part of the treatment CHF 40.00

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If the eyes are the window to the soul, your hands are its visual expression. If you are looking for beautiful, well-groomed hands and expressive fingernails, you have come to the right place. Get your hands in perfect shape with a cosmetic nail and skin care package.

45 min - CHF 80.00
+ CHF 10.00 with lacquer

Appointment Request


The classical manicure with permanent Gel Color nail polish. Including removal of the previous Gel Color nail polish applied by us.
ca. 1 h - CHF 125.00
+ ca. 15 min for removal

CHF 25.00

Appointment Request


Your nails will be filed to shape, painted with luxurious and permanent Gel Color nail polish, then finished and treated with a gentle nail oil.

ca. 30 min - CHF 60.00
+ CHF 15.00 with Gel Color removal

Appointment Request


Treat your hands to a care programme that so much more than a traditional manicure. Your tired hands will revel in a skin-revitalising peel. Even rough and stressed hands will once again feel as soft as silk. A deeply-penetrating hand-mask after the cosmetic nail and skin care offers work-worn hands lasting regeneration. Finally, gentle massage holds create a pleasantly relaxing feeling.

1 h 15 min - CHF 105.00
+ CHF 10.00 with Lacquer

Appointment Request


Foot care is not simply aesthetic; it is above all a pleasant experience which offers huge relief in your day-to-day life. Gone are the days of nails that are bent and too short. You can look forward to a cosmetic nail and skin care package with a final treatment tailored to your personal care needs.

45 min -  CHF 80.00
+ CHF 10.00 with lacquer

Appointment Request


Make an obligation into a wellness experience with lasting results. A relaxing foot bath and peeling, followed by a cosmetic nail and skin care treatment, this ultimate and comprehensive foot massage indulgence ensures your feet feel revitalised and relaxed. This deep-penetrating special care also leaves your feet feeling very sleek.

1 h 15 min - CHF 105.00
+ CHF 10.00 with lacquer

Appointment Request


The classical pedicure with permanent Gel Color nail polish. Including removal of the previous Gel Color nail polish applied by us.

ca. 1 h - CHF 125.00
+ ca. 15 min for removal

Appointment Request


For thousands of years, smooth and beautiful skin has been the expression of sensuality and beauty. Hair removal wax or sugar paste encloses the hair so it can be completely pulled out during the removal process. The skin remains hair-free for a number of weeks and the new hair feels finer and softer than after a shave. Prices vary according to expense.

Appointment Request


Region Waxing Sugaring
Upper lip from CHF 19.00 from CHF 22.00
Chin from CHF 25.00 from CHF 29.00
Full legs from CHF 95.00 from CHF 110.00
Half legs (including knees) from CHF 65.00 from CHF 75.00
Armpits from CHF 39.00 from CHF 45.00
Back from CHF 65.00 from CHF 75.00
Chest and abdomen from CHF 65.00 from CHF 75.00
Arms from CHF 49.00 from CHF 57.00
Partial bikini from CHF 39.00 from CHF 45.00
Brazilian bikini * from CHF 70.00 from CHF 80.00

* (Please make sure that the pubic hair is trimmed shorter than 10 mm)



Everyone's dream is a flawless skin which can be true with glō∙minerals.
glō∙minerals has a make-up system developed for skin care experts and for their customers. Our award-winning formulas provide covering power, protection against damaging environmental influences and ultraviolet rays. glō∙minerals is free from talc, non comedogenic and the perfect choice for sensitive skin. The make-up is clinical advanced, protects and covers. 


The health of your skin is being defined newly when Dermalogica encounters your skin. Dermalogica is the first choice of experts and consumers when it comes to skin care. We are interested in the fitness of your skin and want to train your skin on a new level. We use harmless additives for the skin. We know that some substances are harmful for the skin that is why we decided to do our treaments without these and use substances which can be fully trusted.


For more than 50 years THALGO has specialized in the research of energetic and maritime cosmetics. The research centre possesses incomparable, scientific expertise. Powerful active substances with regenerative, moisturizing and stimulatory properties are being extracted: for authentic products and treatments.


With our excellent equipment and our dermo-cosmetical products and treatments from REVIDERM we improve your complexion to a new level. Every treatment will be adapted to your skin appearance.