Sunrise Avenue

Fairytale gone right

It is December 17, 2011. Lucerne is a-glitter with Christmas decorations. Although basking in the festive spirit, the Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern this evening will be enjoying anything other than a «silent night». Local broadcaster Radio Pilatus is again hosting its Christmas Music Night at the hotel's historical Zeugheer Hall, and you are the musical highlight of the evening. You admire the magnificent decorations of the Christmas tree by the stage.

Its presence makes you feel at home. You have frequently been a guest here at the Hotel Schweizerhof Lucerne, and details like this are the reason you like coming here so much: the tree is so welcoming, and it demonstrates sincerity and attention to detail of the kind you usually experience only in your own family. You feel safe and secure here – for people always on tour, that is worth its weight in gold.