Family Goodfriend und Enzo Baciocchi

Regular hotelguests from the United States and Concierge

It is the summer of 2012. You, Diva Goodfriend-Koven, are a well-known American concert flautist and longstanding 25-year member of New York's Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. Owing to a professional engagement in Lucerne, you're staying with your son Muir at the Hotel Schweizerhof. You've been harbouring a particular long-standing desire – one that you now reveal to our highly experienced concierge, Enzo Baciocchi: «Excuse me, but would it be possible to find my son and me a Sennenhund, a Bernese Mountain Dog?»

The concierge nods and smiles: «Mrs. Goodfriend, no problem. We will buy you the finest cuddly toy dog Lucerne has to offer.» However, you shake your head: «Not a cuddly toy, Enzo, a real live Bernese Sennenhund puppy. We'd like to take it back to New York with us.» After a brief pause, the concierge agrees to look into your unusual request and begs to be allow