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That city. That lake. Those mountains! Whatever it is that you need from a city, canton Lucerne in Central Switzerland does it better. What is there to do in Lucerne? Visit the most iconic landmark of Lucerne: the Chapel Bridge with its Water Tower. Enjoy a leisurely walk through the old town of Lucerne and marvel at the Lion Monument. Anyone visiting Central Switzerland should have a look at the KKL Culture and Convention Centre and the Jesuit Church, the first large baroque church built in Switzerland.

Printable map of Lucerne

The Lucerne City Map is a map for visitors, guests and tourists. This handy guide shows you the most important places, streets and sights. It contains information about guided city tours and recommendations for your stay in Lucerne. 

The 40-minute trip on the Lucerne City Train gives you an overview of the City of Lucerne and its main attractions.

Kapellbrücke Abendrot

“Leuchtenstadt” – the city of lights. What is behind this mysterious name?

No other nickname has been quite this puzzling for historians and etymologists. How did Lucerne become the “Leuchtenstadt”, the city of lights? Is the name’s origin religious, botanical, or does it all lead back to a fish? Keep on reading and choose your favourite explanation.

According to some, the name of the city – Lucerne – is derived from the Latin “lucerna”, a term describing a ray of light sent down to Earth by an angel. It hit the precise spot where the “Hofkirche” is located today. Others claim that “Leuchtenstadt” has nothing to do with light at all. It goes back to the local flora and comes from the “lucerne” plant, also known as alfalfa. Alternatively, the name might be derived from the Latin term “luciaria”, which means “a school of pike”. This would suggest that Lucerne used to be a fishing village.

Lucerne Bucket List

We have compiled a bucket list of 20 highlights in and around Lucerne. Your visit is not complete without them! Our Lucerne Bucket List contains the top sights and best destinations for a day trip.

The rainy-day programme

The Lake Lucerne holiday region is a versatile area full of leisure options. Even when the weather doesn’t play along. Our rainy-day programme contains recommendations for day trips as a couple or family, with or without children.

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