27. Mar 2020

On the 20-year anniversary of her music career, Dechen is looking forward to performing a series of Celebration Concerts 2020 with The Jewel Ensemble.

She began singing Tibetan mantras twenty years ago and for a long time was considered an insider tip among lovers of spiritual music. By 2006, the Swiss National Television discovered her music and produced a documentary film called 'Home in Two Worlds', broadcasted in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Dechen became known to a wide audience as a Swiss artist with Tibetan roots who performs beautiful, ancient Tibetan mantras for a Western public.
Ten years ago, international attention to her music grew considerably with the start of a cooperation with the Swiss producer Helge van Dyk, culminating in concerts at Carnegie Hall in New York. Today, she gives performances around the world with The Jewel Ensemble which consists of top-class Swiss musicians.
n the upcoming concerts, Dechen will take the audience through her entire musical development of the last 20 years. Her songs are gentle, meditative and peaceful but she also has trance-like rhythmic pieces reminiscent of nuns reciting prayers in Tibetan monasteries. The versatility of her voice is reflected in some new, groovy, melodious pieces where she sings about the sustainability of the earth and for a more just and peaceful world.

Place: Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern, Zeugheersaal
Doors: 19:00 h
Start: 20:00 h
End: 21:45 h

Friday, 27. Mar 2020
20:00 h - 21:30 h
Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern