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General Manager Clemens Hunziker as Marathon-Pacemaker

The official Hotel of the 6th Lucerne Marathon takes care on all runners to bring them to the finish-line on time. General Manager Clemens Hunziker runs as an official Pacemaker.

General Manager Clemens Hunziker on last years City Race

The Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern has always been the official Marathon-Hotel since the beginning six years ago. It doesn't only give accommodation to all the professional runners. All the participants are guests at the «Schweizerhof» for getting their start number and also for the yet almost legendary Pa(s)tata-Food.

The Marathon-fever has reached in the meanwhile also the crew of our hotel. This year's run will be done for the first time by an own Schweizerhof-Team, which will run the Half-Marathon. And they have a prominent leader:

General Manager Clemens Hunziker will bring all runners to the finish-line - in the official pacemaker dress - who are heading for an end time of 2:00 hours.

Keep your fingers crossed and support our team, but for sure also all the other Lucerne Marathon-runners.

6. Lucerne Marathon:
Sunday, October 28th, 2012
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publiziert: 12. Oktober 2012
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