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2013年4月新设立的高级双人房有30至35平方米,气派大且宽敞。在这里,您能远眺琉森旧城的步行街和历史悠久的城墙 ― 理想的休闲场所,令您的身心得到充分享受和放松。此外您还可以了解更多本店历史 ― 请静候各种惊喜!




2013年4月新设立的高级双人房有30至35平方米,气派而宽敞 ― 是让您感觉良好放松身心的理想休憩场所。这些客房的视野触发真正的幸福感受:壮丽的群山和琉森湖在您脚下。此外您还可以了解更多本店历史 ― 请静候各种惊喜!

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The Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern enjoys a prime location in the heart of Switzerland, with magnificent views of the lake and the Alps. It is situated right on the lakeshore promenade in the centre of Lucerne’s historic old town, close to the railway station and lots of shopping opportunities, and only a few minutes’ walk from the KKL.

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